Tips For Dealing With Network Marketing No’s

No'sProspecting for your Network Marketing Company and Getting NO’s are NEVER fun. This post will help you go for no’s and continue to rapidly excel in your business! Feel free to share this with your teammates.

Most Businesses Come With NO’s.

If you go into a restaurant and order a hamburger and french fries. The waitress comes to you and says “Hey would you like some ketchup?” And you say no. She doesn’t get real crazy and say “oh my goodness I cannot believe he just told me no! This is crazy! Ahh.”

Or, if you go and you walk into a store and the clerk comes to you and says “Can I help you?” What’s the first thing that comes out of our mouth? Most of the time it’s “No, I’m just looking.”

Don’t Take The NO’s Personally.

CryWe as humans, will do ANYTHING not to get rejected. It’s not fun to get rejected. Some people are going to be interested, some people are NOT, and some are going to be maybes. When talking to people, just be checking for interest. If they interested, fine. If they’re not interested, fine. It matters nothing to us because it’s not personal. It’s just the thing that we do, we’re just checking to see if they are interested.

In the checking interest process, you know you’re going to get somebody who’s initially going to say “Yes I’m interested. Lets get going, give me more information.” And then they say “I’m not interested, Sorry.” Maybe this is not the time for them. They’re not rejecting you personally. They’re rejecting the opportunity at that time and they say “Hey, at this particular time I’m not interested.” They’re not rejecting you as a person.

Getting Over No’s and Continue To Go!

Then when I was building my business, I was getting a lot of no’s. I didn’t like it. But My Vision and Dream was bigger than the NOs. What can help you get over the no and continue to go? How big is your dream? How big is your vision? How big is what you’re looking for the future for you and your family? How big is that?

Compare that to your no’s, which one is smaller? If your dream is bigger than your fear of no, guess what? You going to go out and you’re going to build a business. If you’re dream is smaller than your fear of no, guess what? You’re not going to go build a business because you’re going to go sit at home and you’re going to mope around and you’re going to feel sad for yourself and you’re going to call the people and you want them to mope just like you.

Furthermore, Network Marketing Business works! And, you just got to get out of your comfort zone.  It’s very uncomfortable but if your dream is big enough it’s not going to stop you.

Finally, Get More YES!

Here are 2 things to build that will increase your chances of getting a YES!

Build A Relationship

One of the things that you can do (before you present something) is to build some kind of relationship. For instance, If someone just asked for information on my business based on something I did on Facebook. I would send them the information, plus I would them something that would create a rapport with them. Something about a friend we have in common. That creates a connection.

When you get somebody and they’re excited and they want to know more, Create that Relationship. Build that relationship. Build the trust. It takes a little bit longer. As a result you’re going to have a higher percentage of people saying YES to You.

Build A List

Now after making connections you need to figure out how to contact people on a regular basis. That’s why you should learn how to use social media and build your list. Because then you’ll have so many contacts that it doesn’t matter because how many No’s you get. The chance of you getting a Yes are even higher if you have hundreds or even thousands of people on your list!

In conclusion, understand that it’s not personal, they’re not rejecting you but it’s part of the process. Get excited, get fired up, go talk to the next person! If you can do that, if that’s the attitude that you have you’re going to be huge in this business!

Watch the video Below For More Tips On How To Deals With Nos.

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