The Power of Vision

The Power Of Vision

For years I heard that you needed to begin with a vision for your business or your life if you ever truly desired to achieve success, but nobody could explain to me why it was needed or how it worked from a practical or scientific standpoint.

When I was young and naive, I was skeptical and wanted empirical evidence showing me why I ought to invest my thoughts and time into actually thinking of a vision for my life and business, and why getting absolutely clear by writing it down was imperative to my achieving success.

Despite the fact that I could not find adequate answers back then, reluctantly, I did as other individuals recommended solely because they were far more successful than I. As I was told “don’t ask so many questions” and “just do it,” I temporarily gave up my need for so many answers-but not for long.

At the ripe young age of 24, I developed an awesome vision for my life and my career. Even though I had just graduated from the University with no experience. , I decided that I would not work for the rest of my life until 65 to retire on 40% of the income that I would have during my working years. I come to call that now the 40, 40, 40 years plan. you work for 40 hours a week for 40 years so you can retire on 40 percent of your income.  I decided right then that I did not want to participate in that plan. I took another approach started my own business at a very young age.

For the next 24 years, I kept on a healthy mental diet to train my mind, and followed the belief of letting bible principles guide me and provide me whatever I needed to fulfill my visions of being financially free and living an extraordinary life.
It was not easy, but worth it. I read many book like the Magic of thinking Big, Think and grow Rich, Skills with people. These books served as my personal mental flushing system.

After creating a multi-million dollar business myself and work with people who had created multi million dollars businesses.  I began to search for the answers to the question I’d had 24 years earlier. Why is having a clear and precise vision so important?

I couldn’t help wanting to know why. As a child I was very curious and my parents could not answer many of the questions I had about success. They are not business people and really did not create much business.

Since I wanted more for myself, I sought out the best minds, researchers, and teachers in the world to teach me how to have an abundant life in all areas.

So, what did I learn that you can apply immediately and benefit from my lessons?

Simple: without a clear and precise vision of exactly what it is you want, you’ll never reach it or have it.

If you want more out of life its very simple. Stay away from NEGATIVE people and find yourself a mentor who has done in life what you want to do. If you have no one please contact me through my Blog and I can help.

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