Successful Business Teamwork

The Key To Any Successful Business – Teamwork

Have you’ve hear the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work.” and sometimes we think that’s cliché, but it’s actually true.

In this post I explain the importance of teamwork and how to build a stellar team.

Teamwork and How It Relates To Business

In network marketing, it’s all about team and it’s all about building teams. It’s all about helping people build a team and finding someone who is interested in building a team.  It’s one of the secrets of building a large, global, international business.

I’ve been involved in the industry for almost 30 years now. The reason that I have had some success is because I understood a long time ago that what makes you successful is finding other people (in your organization, in your team, other team members) and HELP THEM become successful.

Teamwork makes everybody’s business grows quicker, grows faster, grow more stable.

Find Your Team

But the first step is, first of all for you to be worrying about teamwork you have to be part of somebody else’s team. All of us have to be part of somebody else’s team. I had to be part of somebody else’s team when I was first getting started.

What I did is I decided to learn everything that I could from the person that I was working with, then take that knowledge and then go down and start building my own personal team which today numbers probably over 100,000 people in more than about 20 different countries. Needless to say I’ve been blessed big time.

Build Culture

I think as you’re building your team, what you want to do is you want to build a culture. You want to build a culture, one that is made up of people helping people.

To become successful you’re going to have to help other people become successful, simple as that. How do you do that? Well, obviously different companies work different but in general when you look at building your business  you want to find people that are interested, serious, committed and you want to find people that are going to put some action behind their words.

What I’ve done is I found these people, I’ve spoken to them, we’ve developed a plan. I want to know what their goals are. I want to know what their six months and 12 months goals are. And I want to know how much time do they have available that we can work. Because I want to make sure I help them become successful.

Build Your Team

I found out very long time ago that doing it all by your lonesome doesn’t work as well as if you’re doing it in a team.

As you begin to develop your team, you have to look for certain people. Look for the people in your organization that are serious, committed to learning, committed to personal development, attend events, and act like part of the team. Those are the people that I concentrate on. For those people that I go out of my way to help. Because I know if they’re doing those things they’re doing the right things their business is definitely going to grow.

Teamwork is not only essential in network marketing. Look at any industry and you will see teamwork. If you look at any business, any area of sport, any team you know they have a system that they work. And that system only works because everybody’s working in unison as a team.

If you go work for IBM or any other big companies they have a system that they use but the only reason that system works is because the people that are in that system are working as a team. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” I know it sounds cliché but it is actually true. If you just think about that way and you understand that everybody that comes into your organization, they come because they have a dream. They come because they have goals. They come because they have certain things that they want to achieve in their lives.

For more tips on building your dream team watch the video below.


Hope that helps, hope that gives value to you and your organization. If it did, I appreciate if you could share it.

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