Qualities Of Successful Network Marketers

The network marketing industry has really taught me and shown me what success is. A lot of people think that success is all about having the material things. The vacations, cars, homes and the money. There’s way more things in success than just those things. Yes, those things come with success, but I think that when I personally look at success I’m looking at other things other than material things. In order to be a successful network marketer, you have to have certain qualities. Here are 3 of the top qualities in most successful network marketers.

1. People Helpers

A lot of times you hear people say, “I’m in the business because I want to help people.” Well, that is true.

For me success in the network marketing industry is helping people to one, believe in themselves. That for me is huge because I did not believe in myself when I was first getting started in the industry in 1987. I have no belief that I could do it. I wasn’t sure if I believed in the company, but one thing that I did have was I had a belief in my up line, and I had a belief because he was successful that he was going to be able to help me become successful.

It takes leadership. How much are you doing to help the people in your organization to actually grow their belief level? Grow their belief level in themselves, grow their belief level in their company, grow their belief levels in their products, grow their belief level in the up line.

On a regular basis as a leader help other to achieve those things because if you can help them in those areas they’re going to have success. There is no question about that.

2. Contribute To Society

Success people contribute to society. They do something that is going to leave a legacy for the future generation. They are not just want to make money.

If you want to do something that’s bigger and greater than that then you’re going to go out of your way, and you’re going to go find people. You’re going to go work with people. You’re going to help them to achieve their goals and their dreams and their vision because you know the more people you can help do that the bigger success you will have and obviously the bigger the legacy that you will leave behind.

3. Have A Servant’s Heart

Having a servant’s heart is an important quality of network marketers.

One of my goals is every time I come into an event, every time I’m somewhere I want to be the most positive person. I want to be the one smiling with the biggest smile. I want to be edifying people. Now, does it happen 100% of the time? No because nobody’s perfect, so sometimes I miss it, but that’s the goal.

The goal is I want to be the positive in the room not the negative. Be the exciting and positive energy and not the negative energy. People want to be around because they feel good being around that, and that’s the kind of attitude to have in business.

How To Have Success in Network Marketing

Now that you know that qualities of successful network marketers, what are the steps to success?

Here are 3 steps to have success in your network marketing company.

1. Prepare Yourself

Success is all about having a plan. Being prepared. You always hear people say, “Well, I want to reach this level. I want to reach that level.” But my question is always what are you prepared to do, and what kind of plan are you planning on working? The thing is we all want to become very successful. We all want to become very influential, but the question is somewhat our plan to get there?

Action Plan

My suggestion, have a plan. Work with the leader that you’re working with. Develop a plan of action that will go the rest of this year. The first quarter of next year. Second quarter of next year. Third quarter, fourth quarter. Have that plan, and have it in front of you where you can see it every single day, and begin to work it together with your leadership up line.

Mentally Prepare

Also you have to prepare yourself. You have to prepare yourself, and you have to prepare yourself mentally. You have to prepare yourself, and you have to prepare your attitude. Your mindset is huge, so those things you have to work on yourself by reading books, by listening to CDs, by attending all the events that are available.

If you come into network marketing like most all of us did, we came in, we came in with a mentality of a job. I had a job. A lot of people that come in here they’ll have a job. They’re not really entrepreneurs, and if we cannot change that then it’s going to take a long time for us to have success in the profession. My advice is make sure that when you are developing your business that you understand that you are now an entrepreneur. You’re not an employee. People are not going to call you and bash you over the head that you have to be here 9:00 and then you have to leave at 5:00 and then you have to come back tomorrow at 9:00. Go to lunch at 12:00. Leave at 5:00. That doesn’t work around here.

2. Strive To Do The Right Things

The other thing is, look strive to do the right things. People say, “Well, you know, what are the right things?”

If there’s a question between money, if there’s a question between products, if there’s a question between events, if there’s a question about anything and it’s between me and the people in my organization I’m always to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I’m always going to let them win. It’s more important to me to do that then for me to just say, “Well, you know, I told you so.” Because that’s not going to solve anything, and it’s not going to help anything.

It’s all about doing the right things. If I sign somebody up in my organization, and I promise them that I’m going to help them, well guess what the right thing is for me to go help them. If I told them I was going to help them make a plan the right thing for me to do is to help them. We make a plan. If I told them I’m going to be in their homes, and we’re I’m going to be showing the presentation for them, for them to invite people, it’s the right thing for me to be there.

The right thing is to keep your word. That your word means something. That people don’t have to be wondering about what is it that you’re saying today. What do you believe today, and then what it is that you believe tomorrow? That what you believe today is the same thing that you believe tomorrow. That your words are your bond. That if you tell me you’re going to be there, you’re going to be there, and I don’t have to worry about you being there or not being there. That’s just doing the right things.That’s taking your business and understanding that it’s a real business. That if you do the right things the right way you’re going to have the right success, and you’re going to have the long term success that you deserve in your business.

3. Create The Culture

The other thing is you create your culture.

You create the culture. You create the culture where you have rules and you have values that you stick to no matter what. I can tell you I’ve had people in my organization who came in. In a week and a half they actually had presidential volume, but their values and their culture was not my value and my culture, and by the end of the month they were gone. I didn’t want them in my organization.

I was not interested in having them in my organization. Because when I look at my business and the company I look at it as a long term investment that should benefit everybody who’s involved. Not a fly by night kind of thing where we’re here today and gone tomorrow. That’s not how I look at it at all. I look at it as if we’re going to do something let’s do it right. If we’re going to plant a tree let’s plant it and let’s make sure that we have deep roots. We’re going to fertilize it. We’re going to give it all the nutrients that it needs so the roots can go as deep as possible so it can stay strong and secure for a very long time. I don’t want to build anything on quicksand or on sand period.

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