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Network Marketing Recruiting: Sorting Vs Convincing

When you are prospecting are you sorting people or convincing? Knowing the difference between the two will help your Network Marketing Recruiting results! Start saving time and energy while recruiting MORE!

Network Marketing Recruiting By Stages

Having over 100,000 people in my team people often ask me How I recruit. Well here it is quite simple. There are just 4 stages of recruiting.

Recruiting By Stages

Stage 1 – They Show Interest

If you are speaking to them, and they show some interest, that’s who to look at. That is who you are going to pursue.

Stage 2 – Connecting

Then we go to the second stage, which is connecting with each other. Contact them in person, phone or online.

Stage 3 – Presentation

The third stage is inviting them to a presentation. It can be a live or recorded presentation. This is where they learn about the product and the benefits of joining the team.

Stage 4 – Follow Up

The last stage is follow up and follow through. Then its time to get them started!

When it comes to Network Marketing Recruiting we need to make sure that we’re are sorting and not convincing through ALL 4 Stages.

Now, What’s The Difference Between Sorting And Convincing?

Well, sorting is very simple. I’ve met you, you show interest, you given me your information, we’re going to contact you. I’ve met you, you showed me no interest, and we’re NOT going to contact you. That’s sorting.

The convincing part is when somebody’s showing you no interest and then you going to go beg them. “Oh, but this is so good for you. Oh, but this is so good for your kids. Oh, but this is going to change your life. Oh, but this is going to change your lifestyle.” They are not interested. This is the best way to frustrate yourself that I have EVER come across. If you want to create a frustrating business, go try to convince somebody who doesn’t want to be convinced.

Network Marketing is a business of where we’re SORTING people not convincing.

We’re looking for people. Actually, they sort themselves because when I meet somebody, my goal is to see if they’re interested or not in what I’m doing. Simply that.

Don’t Focus On People Who Aren’t Interested


The only thing that you can do is keep going. Go get success! And hopefully down the road, maybe, they’ll join you. It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen 100% of the time. But if you want to get to join down the road, you go GROW. You go find the people that are looking now. When you find the people that are looking now the business is fun.

Your business is going to GROW. Your attitude will change. Your momentum will kick in, and then your whole group just start the snowball effect. A year, two years, three years down the road, you look behind and you have thousands of people in your organization following you!


I hope this has added value to you. If it has, pass it on.


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