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Long Distance Sponsoring In Network Marketing

Are you looking to expand your business? Want to learn more about Long Distance Sponsoring?

Here I share what you need to know when considering taking your business to the next level and recruiting globally.

Long Distance Sponsoring

My organization is actually international, all over the world, and I get excited because when I first saw the network marketing industry. Because I noticed and realized one thing, it’s for everybody that wants it. There is no boarder.

So for me, it’s exciting, because when I find somebody locally I’m excited, but when I find somebody in California, I’m excited. If I find somebody in Massachusetts, I’m excited. If I find somebody in South Africa, in Spain, in Mexico, and Columbia, I’m excited.

Working With Teammates Far Away

The question is, how do you work with them? That’s the million dollar question.  I’m going to tell you that you work with them just like you’re working with them locally. Long distance sponsoring takes a lot of effort, takes some good investment, and it takes time. Just like any other business that you work in.

I laugh when people say to me, “Well, you know, I have a group and I’m looking to build a business in New York.” But they live in Florida. Their group in New York is not going to grow if they don’t go there, or if they don’t get in a webinar, or a conference with them. It’s not going to work.

And, just make sure that you understand that once in a while, you have to do some kind of face to face. For me, I know that I use webinars, I use different platforms to communicate with them, but it’s still important for me to show up.

Because I want them to understand that it’s not only about creating volume, it’s about the relationship, it’s about long term, it’s about creating a legacy. Not for me only, but for them too. I want to make sure that they understand that if they get started with me and my organization, and they really want to do something, it’s my responsibility to help them, to get some good success in the organization.

Thinking Globally

So as you’re building your long distance business, understand something. It takes work, it takes investment, it takes energy. So I tell people, think globally, but work locally. Because your business is doing to start expanding anyways if you’re working locally.

I live in Orlando, so if I’m working in Orlando, guess what? I’m going to meet people from where? Everywhere. From Columbia, from Mexico, from Brazil, from Spain. So my business is automatically going to begin to go to those places. Now, if your brand new and you’re just getting started, that’s probably the best advice I can give you, in terms of working your business long distance.

Now, if you’re in Orlando like I am, and you move from some other place like I did. You know, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota, and you have people there, and you want to build a business there, guess what? Get ready. Because you’re probably going to have to go there to help them.

I do that. I expect that if you’re an entrepreneur, and you understand that you’re building a real business, you should do that too.  It’s going to pay you in the future. Obviously, you get on the phone, and you talk to them, and you do a three way call, and those are the things that’s going to help you build your long distance business. But remember this, and don’t forget it. Think globally, act locally, and you’re going to have a global business.


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