How to Improve Your Communication to Improve Your Network Marketing Business

Communication is important for just about everything. Especially in Network Marketing, communication is super important to grow the business.

In this post I will share some important tips for growing your business by communicating with your mentor, up line, down line, or anybody you come in contact with.

Communication With Your Up Line

First, communication with our up line.

I’ve always taken the attitude that I’m going to be respectful of everybody.

If we communicate with respect, we’re going to get more done than just getting out and just yelling and yelling and yelling.

How do I communicate with my up line? Very simple, I respect their time.

So, when I’m calling them I want to make sure that the first thing I’m asking is, “Hey listen, I hope I’m not interrupting anything, and if I am, let me know and I’ll call you back.”

Then, I respect the amount of time I’m with them on the phone. Some people call you, they’ll talk to you for three hours and they’ll still want to talk some more.

With most of those people the conversation is really good and very important, but a lot of them is just pretty much wasting time and talking about things that just does nothing for nobody.

Be respectful of your up line’s time. Be respectful of your down line’s time, and your cross line’s time.

Communicating With Your Down Line

make sure, also, you are communicating with them with respect, partners, business owners, understand that, “Hey, listen, we’re all out there. We’re all working hard, doing the best that we can.”

Sometimes, we might have some issues because there’s a miscommunication.

If there’s an issue, I want to talk with the person. I want to call them, I want to ask them the questions. I don’t want to hear it from rumors. I don’t want to hear it from a second party, or third party, or fourth party, or fifth party. I want to talk to them myself, personally or him or her, and get to the bottom of whatever it is that I need to get to the bottom to.

So, we can have a clear understanding, then we can move forward. When there’s something going on in your organization, and there’s rumors, and nobody’s saying anything, and nobody’s talking to anybody, guess what, it goes from bad to worse. That is a position you don’t want to put yourself in.

Communication As A Leader

If you are a leader in this industry, you need to be a good communication. You need to be a good communicator with your up line. You need to be a good communicator with your down line. You need to be a good communicator with your side line.

Because all those people are going to be very important in your success, believe it or not. People say, “Why should I … I’m my own man. I’m an entrepreneur. It’s my own business.”

Yes, but you can do things the right way, where you got to find people and bring them people along with you and because of your growth you’re helping other people grow. Or, for lack of a better word, you can do it in a jerky way. Then, you create angst, you create a lot of issues, people don’t like you, they don’t want to be around you, they don’t want you to speak to them.

So, that’s why I think communication is super important, because it solves issues.

Remember, we are in the business of what? Solving issues.

If you’re communicating correctly, the right way, with respect up line, down line, cross line, you are going to have a massive business. So, understand communication, understand it’s a problem solver also.

The more transparent you are with the people that you’re working with, the more transparent you are with people in your up line that you’re working with, or your mentor that you’re working with, the better they’re going to help you, the better they’re going to guide you, the better you’re going to be able to guide people in your organization. The more success they have, the more success you have, the more success people in your up line have, and that’s what it is. That’s why I like network marketing. So, it’s people helping people to have better lives all over the world.

Hope this has added value to your business and to your group. Feel free to share this with your team.


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