How To Get More Recruits Without Pitching

How To Get More Recruits Without Pitching

It’s possible to get more recruits without pitching and convincing people to join your company. In this post I share exactly how people come to me without me even mentioning my offer.

More Recruits Isn’t Always Better

There is a difference between letting people in and getting people in. A lot of people when we’re out there talking to people, we are trying to hunt them. We are trying to, “Oh, let me go get one. I’m going to get me one.”

Well, that sometimes works and it works for some people, but it’s very hard for your recruits to duplicate that.

Do You Want To Let Everybody In?

On the other side, you have the attitude of, “Do I really want to let you in?” When you’re talking to people, you’re throwing out bait out there. You’re letting them see a little bit of what you have. You’re luring them in little by little, but at the end of the day, is are you really going to let them in your business?

One way which is going out there and “I’m going to go get him in, I’m going to get him in.” That way, it seems DESPERATE!

If you’re running after people and looking for recruits. You have no posture.

The way is I recommend to do is where you’re luring people in little by little. You give them a little bit of information, you’re taking a little bit back. It’s almost like you’re interviewing them to see if they actually fit into what you’re doing.

You’re going to ask yourself the question, “Am I going to LET them get into my business?” Not, “Am I going to pray or talk to them and talk to them until they get in my business?

Or “Is it where I’m just going to actually see if they actually qualify to work with me and if we have the same values, if they’re looking for the things I’m looking for?” That’s a big, huge difference.

One gives you posture and strength and the other one makes you sound like you’re very needy.

Pick Who You WANT To Work With

The other way is to let people in is you’re going in there. You’re throwing out the bait, you’re luring them in a little bit, you’re giving them some information. You’re reeling them in, you’re pulling them in little by little, but really what you’re doing is you’re really interviewing them and you wanted to see that if you want to let them in your business.

There’s people that I’ve spoken to that I don’t want in my business, believe it or not. They’re very different from what I look for when I look for the people that I WANT to work with.

At the end of the day is those people that you get in your business (especially if you get them in personally) they’re going to work with you for the rest of their lives. We want to build a business so you might as well enjoy the people that you’re working with.

Have fun with them and do the things that is going to attract other people, that attracts people that you want to be around with. That’s just a little bit on prospecting. It’s a little bit on the mindset of somebody who’s going out there looking for people for their business. Again, just remember one is posture and strength and the other one you come across as needy and really begging people.

Great Example:

A couple of weeks ago, I was riding with a guy that picks me up at the airport on a regular basis. He asked me what I did. I say, “I’m a professional network marketer.” He goes, “Are you in network marketing? Wow. I would have never guessed.”

I said, “Why? What do you mean?” He says, “Well, you’re not like one of them.”

I said, “What does that mean?”

He says, “Well, they’re very pushy. They’re always pushing, pushing, pushing. I’ve been picking you up for three years. This is the first time that we’re actually having the conversation.”

Long story short, by the time I got home (and I was in a red-eye flight) he says, “Do you mind? I know you’re probably tired, but do you mind if I just come up with you and you can just sign me up right now? I really want to be part of what you’re doing.”

Again, it’s luring, luring, luring little by little, making a comment here, making a comment there. All of a sudden, bang, they’re like, “Well, yeah, I’m interested in doing what you’re doing.”

That’s a little bit on getting the right recruits. I hope that has helped. Thank you and have a fantastic day!


Hope this has added value to your business and to your group. Feel free to share this with your team.


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