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How To Follow Up With Network Marketing Prospects

Here are a few Essential Tips that can help you follow up with your Network Marketing Prospect.

How And When To Follow Up

People say “Well, how do I do follow up?” And, for me it’s been always I start my follow up right after presentation.

It could be a hotel presentation, it could be a home presentation, it could be a webinar.

The First Question

Right after, I ask “On a scale of one to ten, based on the presentation you just saw, where are you in terms of your excitement level?”

I don’t really care where they are as long as they’re not zero or minus something.

Grab the application, sign them up.

No need to go home and look at other things, don’t need to go home and ask somebody. If somebody says I’m a ten, right there man sign them up.

What NOT To Do

I’ve been in meetings where the person that was getting the information, that was the prospect, they were ready to sign up but the person who was speaking wouldn’t shut up.

They wouldn’t stop talking and they talked themselves right out of signing somebody up!

So when you do follow up remember something:

The only reason you’re following up is to get the person started. That’s it. Period.

So if you have a system of following up and in the middle of your system of following up somebody says “I’m ready” stop. Sign them up, you don’t have to finish the whole thing.

I’ve been with people who said “Yeah, but the system is like how to do this, this and this.”

No, common sense. If they’re ready sign them up.

The Next, Question To Ask

I usually like to start my follow up right after I finish the presentation.

The first of the questions is “On a scale of one to ten, where are you in terms of your excitement level?”

Then the next question is, “Based on what I just showed you, what’s the part that you like the best, or what do you like best about what you just saw?”

Now that’s a strategic question also because I didn’t ask them what they liked the worst. I asked them what they liked the best so the only thing they can tell me is really what they like the best.

Don’t Waste Time

The next thing that I do is I ask them,  “Look, you know, this is our presentation. You said you were a five on a level of one to ten. I have some more information if you’re interested in taking more information, because I don’t want to just give people information just for giving people information guys.”

If they’re not interested, I might as well know it right then and there.

I’m not wasting my time. I’m not wasting their time. But most importantly I’m not giving them my material that I’m paying for so they can go dump it in the garbage when they go home.

I want to know if they interested and they want more information I’m going to give it to them.

Lastly, When Following Up A Network Marketing Prospect

In the video below I share the last step you should do when following up with your prospect.


That’s some of the tips that I wanted to give you today on following up. I hope that helps. Feel free to share this with your teammates.


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