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How To Grow Your Network Marketing Team By Recruiting Up

Do you want to recruit hard working, producing reps into your team? Then you should be recruiting up!

In this post I share exactly what recruiting up is and how to get started recruiting rock stars today.

What Is Recruiting Up?

If you want your business to grow, recruit up. Recruiting up is looking for people that are sharper than you. Maybe they dress better, are professionals, and have a fancy degree.

Some people say, “But what does that mean, recruiting up?” Well, to me, the rule that I use always was if I saw somebody that I wasn’t comfortable to go and speak to them because maybe I was a little afraid. Well that means they’re probably very sharp, a professional looking person that if they got in my group or if they got in my organization in some way, it would change my organization.

Maybe that’s why I was a little bit afraid to speak to them, but guess what? Those are the people that you want to talk to because that’s the reason you speak to them, because if they get in your organization, they’re going to change your organization. Don’t ever be afraid to go talk to somebody because the only thing they can tell you is, “Yes, I’m interested. No, I’m not interested.”

Your business will change when you start to recruit up. I’m going to give you a hint. If you see somebody and you’re NOT Afraid to speak to them, that’s probably the WRONG person.

The people that you want to recruit are the people that when you see them, you’re like, “Oh, my gosh. They’re so sharp. ” Those people, if you speak to them, most of them are going to be cordial. Most of them are going to be very frank with you, and they’re going to say yes or no.

That’s what we’re looking for, yes or no.

Why Recruit Up?

When you get them in your organization, guess what? They’re actually going to do something.

They’re actually going to build a business because most of them are people who are professional, who are probably successful in something. Whatever they do, they’re probably very successful.

Guess what? They respect the time, they respect the effort that it takes.

They understand it takes time. They understand it takes effort. They understand it takes education. They understand it takes events, so you don’t have to convince them of too many things.

How To Recruit Up

They’re never going to punch you in the head. They’re just going to say, “Well, listen, I’m not interested,” or, “Yes, I’m interested.” Have fun with it.

Have fun building your business and understand that the more you recruit up, the more success you’re going to have. And the more you’re going to create the example in your organization for the people that you’re working with, and the people are looking at you in your organization.

So guess what your team is going to start doing? They’re going to start recruiting up. If you recruit up, you’re going to have one solid organization.

Now think about this. If you’re recruiting down, what do you think the next person that you recruited down is going to do? They’re going to recruit even more down that than, and then even further down and then even further down and even further down. You’re going to get to a point where they have no money to even take the bus and the train, okay?

The idea of recruiting up is because the more you recruit up, the more they are able and the more ability they have to do what it is that we do in our profession.



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