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Are You Building Leaders or Followers?

As you look at your business, and you look at the people in your organization, Are You Building Leaders or Are You Building Followers? Depending on how you answer that question, it will depend a lot on what kind of success you have in your business.

I get a lot of questions. People ask me all the time, tell us some of the secrets, some of the things that you have done to have the success that you have.  I’m going to tell you the one thing that I think is very important, that separates the people that have the big businesses from the people that have small business. It separates the long-termers from the short-termers. It separates the pros from the amateurs. That if are you building leaders, or are you building followers?

Building Leaders and NOT Followers:

In Network Marketing, our business is all about duplication. Our business is all about building people up and edifying people. It’s all about looking at somebody who thinks they cannot do something, and help them to believe that they can. In the process of doing those things, you’re going to have to learn how to build leaders in your organization.

You should know if you’ve been in business for 5 years where to find everything. The challenge that we have is there are some people who are in network marketing but they feel still a shame of the industry. They’re in network marketing, they don’t want to be in network marketing. They know it’s a great industry. They know that they can have the life change experience.  But, nothing is Utopia. There’s always going to be issues. There’s always going to be problems, issues, situations, whatever you want to call it. You grow stronger as a leader as you go through those things. If you look at when a little child is trying to walk, they’re going to fall. They’ll get up, they’ll take a few step, they’ll fall. They’ll get up, they’ll take a few steps, they’ll fall. They’ll get up, they take a few steps, they fall. That’s the process that they go through to learn how to walk. You can’t stop their process. Sometimes they need to do that just so they can become stronger and be able to walk.

There are things you have to go through in your business for you to be stronger and become a better leader. You don’t want to do everything for people in your organization. You will make them weaker. You will make them to become a follower, not a leader. What is it that we’re in business in? We’re not selling products, we’re not selling vacations, we’re not selling nothing. We’re in the business of developing leaders. The more leaders you can develop for yourself, the bigger your business and the more solid your business and the more diversified your business. The more areas of the world your business will go into.

Don’t try to do everything for the people in your organization. Teach them how to do those things. That’s how you’re going to develop leaders. Teach the people how to do those things, the things that they’re asking you. If somebody says well, John, listen. I am so excited about showing the presentation, but I don’t know how to do it. Listen, that’s a hint for you to say listen, come with me. We’re going to do it together. I’m going to let you do it, and if I need to interject some things I will, but it’s your show.

See where I’m going with this? For way more information on how to Build Leaders continue watching the video below.

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