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Ray Higdon

How To Become A Top Earner Even If You’re Already Failing {Interview}

In today’s post I will share with you an interview with my good friend and mentor, Ray Higdon. If you get value for this, feel free to share it around! Who is Ray Higdon? Ray is a guy who has had a lot of different careers. He had his fair share of ups and downs.…

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Powerful Words

Positive and Powerful Words For Business Influence

Have you ever wondered what are POWERFUL Words to use for business? And, how to communicate to be influential and successful in life and business? Well, this post is for you! In this post I share exactly how to become successful by using your words right. Please feel free to share this with your teammates! The power…

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Building Leaders

Are You Building Leaders or Followers?

As you look at your business, and you look at the people in your organization, Are You Building Leaders or Are You Building Followers? Depending on how you answer that question, it will depend a lot on what kind of success you have in your business. I get a lot of questions. People ask me all…

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james hannan

Building a Global Business- A Conversation With James Hannan

James Hannan is an amazing leader who has developed a global home business and knows first hand how to build a worldwide business. We were chatting on Facebook about “Social Mobile Global” and what that means for the home entrepreneur. Today more than ever the opportunity to grow a large global business from home has become…

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Integrity and Running a Home Based Business

Many people in business are understandably fighting it out amongst themselves to attract clients and business. While there can be no doubt that the very beginning stages of business require a great deal of work to build up momentum and income, the fact is that a reputation will ultimately see you through, after the initial…

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