About Me

Who is Luciano Fidalgo?

about-photo-01Hi I’m Luciano Fidalgo, for almost 30 years I’ve been in the MLM industry. When I was first getting started my biggest fear was selling and public speaking, so you say how did you then become successful?

The answer is I had a burning desire to change my life and get out of the 40, 40,40 years PLAN. Have you ever felt that you have worked hard but are still at the same place in Life? You did all the right things in Life got a good education, found a great JOB, live in the right town! But still life just is not moving ahead like you thought?

I was at that place where I new that life cannot be just “this”. I decided that I would pay whatever price I needed to pay to have other “Options” in Life.

about-photo-03Has there ever been a time in your life where you weren’t sure how to accomplish what you wanted? I was there too! If you are looking for the information that can transform your life you are at the right place.

The last 12 years I have built a TEAM of more then 100,000 associates in 20 Countries. Developed 30+ 6- figure income earners. I have been able to teach and train many people to reach significant levels and ranks in their businesses. Would you like to know the steps to build a 100,000 Person organization? Would you like to create a legacy for you and your family? If your answer is yes fantastic. I can help you do that too.

about-photo-02I was honored to get my mentoring with a TEAM that built a $500,000,000 organization in more then 30 Countries. I consider myself well versed in International Expansion since I was part of launching and re-launching of 40 Countries in the last 20+ years. That experience has helped me to help others to achieve success in their Journey by teaching and training them. If you are looking for options to do something GREAT It would be an honor to Help you Too!

Thanks for stopping by!

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