4 Traits to Build Into Your Network Marketing Team

In network marketing the more success you have in building a team, the more success you’re going to have as an organization.

When I started my organization way back when, first of all, I didn’t know anything. I had never built a network marketing business so mentally I had to realize that I didn’t know anything and I should let somebody teach me what to do.

I plugged into my  team, the planning team that I was working with. Learned as much as I could. Understood the essence of team building. Then I learned and was later able to duplicate the things that I learned. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about some of those things that I’ve learned.

As you’re building your network marketing team you want to build it with the certain characteristics. Because if you don’t build it with solid foundation and you build it on quicksand then you’re going to have an issue.

The 4 Traits Needed For Success

1. Unity

Make sure that as you’re building your business that you’re teaching them unity. If you’re working united your team is going to grow faster. It’s going to be easily duplicatable. There nobody making system of the month, system of the week. Everybody’s following the system that you, as the leader, are putting out there and working within that system then you’re able to duplicate.

If your company is not doing business globally but is doing business in the whole of the United States then it’s much more easier to duplicate if you are building your business with unity. If you create that kind of culture then you don’t have to worry because people are going to be unified and they’re going to work together and they’re going to edify that team as a team instead of each one splitting off and doing their own little things. Then nobody does anything the same so it’s very hard to duplicate.

2. Harmony

Harmony is another one. That’s a great characteristics to have in your team. You have harmony in your team. If everybody’s always fighting like cats and dogs and nobody trusts nobody and how you going to duplicate your team.

Guess what happens after you have unity and harmony? You’re going to have productivity. Because there is no productivity without unity and harmony. If everything is all discombobulated and everybody is doing whatever they want, fighting everybody, stealing everybody’s people and you can’t trust one another.. Sorry, you’re not going to have any productivity. You want to have unity and you want to have harmony because that’s what’s going to create productivity in your team.

3. Honesty

The other characteristics that I would say that are very, very important is honesty. Obviously, with no honesty you can’t build a team because people don’t trust you. People won’t follow a leader that they don’t trust.

Honesty and integrity are crucial. These are things that if you want to have a solid team, if you want to have a global team, if you want to have a security, if you want to have security in your organization these are some of the characteristics that you want to build in your organization.

4. Accountability

Accountability is important because you don’t want to be guessing what your leaders are going to do.

“I don’t know if they’re coming. I don’t know if they’re going to be here. I can’t trust them.”

Well, you don’t want to build a business that way. You want to build a business with people that are accountable that if they say to you, “Hey, I’m going to be there,” you don’t even have to think about it. You don’t even have to call to ask if they’re coming. If they say something to you, you know that it’s going to happen. Their word is their bond.

For More Tips on Building Your Team, watch the video below.


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